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[Album Review] Rick Ross: Teflon Don

Review Written by Pavy

I honestly did not think that when I heard “Port Of Miami” that Rick Ross had too much potential in him, and I defiantly didn’t see him being able to put out work like “Teflon Don”. Thanks to Diddy and Rick Ross’s own ego and improving rap skills he has managed to put his best body of work so far. I’m going to break it down song by song for you…..

1. I’m Not A Star-This was beyond the perfect way to set this album off. It’s my personal favorite out of all of the songs on here. His flow was on point as well as his lyrics, but as always the beat made the song.

2. Free Mason Ft. Jay-Z-This song is a good song Ross actually held his own with Jay-Z on this track with lines like “my top back like JFK they wanna push my top back like JFK/But like JFK I united with the King and we ate all day”. Jay-Z basically just comes on the song combating the rumors that he is a Mason (I personally still believe he is one but that’s another subject) but all in all it was a good song.

3. Tears Of Joy Ft. Cee-Lo-It is not really too much I can say about this song, it just really shows how much of a character he is too me. I couldn’t help but laugh when he says things like “aint life a BITCH!! But you gotta keep her wet” not because of what he says but because he’s just such a character but it’s a good song overall, Cee-Lo laced the hook.

4. Maybach  Music III Ft. T.I., Jadakiss & Erykah Badu-This version in the Maybach Music installment, is the worst one to date it doesn’t make it bad, it’s just getting kind of old now Ross and T.I. did have nice verses though, and the hook was ok; just wasn’t as good as the first 2.

5. Live Fast Die Young Ft. Kanye West– I really like this song Kanye’s verse was extremely materialistic, but it’s Kanye so what else can you expect. I think Ross got him lyrically on this song. The hook was nice, low key if you listen real hard you can peep Kanye singing his heart out on the doubles. The best was also nice, but this is nothing new as Ross probably has some of the best production in the game.

6. Super High Ft. Neyo– This was the first single off the album and I can’t really say I liked it too much, but it grew on me a lot. It’s an extremely smooth song something all you smokers out there can smoke and drive to. Again at the end you have Ross or ROZAY!! Yell out just that for no apparent reason other then he’s just the character that he is.

7. Number 1 Ft. Diddy & Trey Songs– This song is actually a pretty good one, could possibly be a club banger. Everything was good about the song besides Diddy’s verse when he no sense what so ever when he says “I us to move white girl out in Maryland…Now my bitch hair blonde like Maryland” Do you get it?……I didn’t think so, and Trey Songz killed the hook as he usually does and might have had the best verse on the song if they would have given him 16 bars and not 8.

8. MC Hammer Ft. Gucci Mane– For those who had the Albert Anastasia EP the original version was on there. Not much changed besides a better Mix and they added a WEAK Gucci Mane verse but it’s a still a good song to keep in you system.

9. Blowin Money Fast B.M.F. Ft. Styles P– I have 2 words to say about this song…….CRAZY HARD!!!!! #pause that is all…

10. Aston Martin Music Ft. Chrisette Michele & Drake– I LOVE this song, this song epitomizes the word SMOOTH. The hook was amazing so was the bridge by Drake. The verses were sub par but it didn’t really matter over that beat. I still say they should have kept Drake’s verse on the song just to make it that much better, but it was still good.

11. All The Money In The World Ft. Raphael Saadiq– This is a good song; it’s just downright hilarious. I never thought I would see the day when I hear ROZAY SINGING LALALALALA on a hook. But it’s a basically an ode to his Father and his family and I respect that.

*All in all Teflon Don is good album depend and your personal taste it’s the 2nd best album or 3rd best album so far, behind or above Thank Me Later. (I think the Recovery is no doubt number one). Only problem I have is that Ross leaves us hanging in a sense with only 11 songs it’s a little short. Then of course the topics where shallow, but its Boss so what do you expect.

*PS: I heard this album is projected to sell 180K in a week. I hope he thanks Diddy and the Imaging department at Def Jam cause this guy is truly a character.

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