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Stock Tip: Corning Inc (GLW)

My First Stock Tip about BP lead to success for those who took heed to it. Now for my Stock Tip #2. This one is more long term.

Corning developed what is known as “Gorilla Glass” which highly durable and hard to scratch. Back in the 60s, when it was developed, it didn’t have a commercial use, so it sat dormant. Now with the development of touch screens, the ‘Gorilla Glass’ is beginning to be looked at. In 2008, Corning grew to a $170 Million Dollar company since the glass was used for cell phone screens.

As of right now, their stock is at $19.30 per share. I’m not sure how to calculate stock prices, but if my guess is correct, in a few years the stock could reach to over $100 per share!!! Imagine $80 for every $20 you spent…

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