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[Album Review] Lil Wayne – I Am Not a Human Being

PAVY- I’m always going to have a special place in my heart for Wayne (Pause). Simply because the time when I really started to care about rap music was around the same time the Carter II came out and Wayne started killing the game. I remember walking through the hallways in high school and everybody was rapping a different song from the Drought 3. Or when me and my friends could recite the whole Upgrade You  freestyle word for word off the top of the head. But ever since the Carter II Weezy has been a disappointment besides the sells; he has been breaking my heart a little bit. No Ceilings was a little bit of the Wayne that I know and love, but not all the way, so when I heard this EP was dropping while he was in jail. I had very high hopes that Wayne might be back to his ‘07 form………..I have to say I was let down.

1.   Gonerrhea  Ft. Drake – I really like this song; it sets the tone off nice Wayne’s flow was on point and it also had some really quotable lines like “Lifes a bitch naw better yet a dumb broad and I bet I could fuck the world and make it come hard” or “I let my goons rush ya like Moscow” I really could have done with out this Drake verse thought; not like it was weak I mean his flow was on point. Lyrics were just the kind that you hear then look at your stereo like (0_0) seriously Drake. But overall it’s a good song

2.   Hold Up Ft. T Streets – Cool song really no complaints about this song besides the times when Wayne says a punchline that’s just so lame you wonder why somebody in the studio didn’t tell him to redo the bar. For example “its back to picking cotton cause you n*ggaz cotton candy” (0_0) seriously Wayne. Surprisingly T Streets verse wasn’t that horrible, it was actually kind of good. But all in all on the last verse Wayne did display why people once considered him the best rapper alive….up until the last bar of the song “send my b’s at ya like a muthaf*ckin flower” another line somebody should have told him to do over.

3.   With You Ft. Drake – This song really just takes up space. It’s not a really good song, but it’s not a really bad song either. I’m convinced Wayne is much better when he tells me how much money that he has and how much he wants to kill me. But it is still a cool song for that late night ride home. And of course the ladies will love it.

4.   I’m Not a Human Being – I original heard this song about 2 years ago, and I’ve decided that I like the beat much better than Wayne on this song. Sure it was some lyrics on the song, but then again, there were lines like this: “Balling with my bloods, call it b-ball” (0_0) seriously Wayne. But overall it’s a decent song.

5.   I’m Single Ft. Drake – ……….I mean I love the song, just don’t understand why it was on this EP a year after it was released on No Ceilings. (for all those that wonder where was Drake on the song he was singing the hook under Wayne)

6.   What’s Wrong With Them Ft. Nicki Minaj – This is one of those songs that I feel had a lot of potential but it was just something missing. Maybe it was the fact that the verses felt short, or maybe he could have gone harder on it. I can’t point my finger too it and say what’s messing, but it just sounds like something is missing. This song just doesn’t fulfill me like it had the potential too.

7.   Right Above It Ft. Drake – Best Wayne single not named Hustler Music ever point blank period. Even with the somewhat recycled Drake verse.

8.   Popular Ft. Lil Twist (-_-) – All I will  say about this is its sad when the 4 bars Lil Twist Hefner sang during the hook is the best 4 bars of the song.

9.   That Aint Me Ft. Jay Sean – The first time I heard it I loved it, every time after that I liked it less. The hook is amazing Jay Sean laced it. But Wayne could have done so much more with this song lyrically.

10. Bill Gates – I love this song. This is kind of Wayne I used to know and love. When he talks about nothing at all besides how much money he has. “I get big stacks pockets on bruce bruce” This would be the best song one this project if “Right Above It” didn’t exist.

All in all it’s a decent project. I’ll give it 7 out of 10. I’m still disappointed, though, that this still isn’t the Wayne project I was hoping for that would vault him in the same sentence as Jay-Z, Eminem or even a Kanye West. But all I can do is hope that Wayne delivers with the Carter IV. No matter what I’m still a diehard because I haven’t forgot the high school moments when Wayne ran the world.

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